Friday, December 16, 2011

Yarn Review: DROPS Eskimo

Composition: 100% pure new wool.
Yardage: 50 gr/ 50 m .
Weight: Super bulky.

Characteristic: The yarn is very loosely spun and it isn´t plied, so it tends to pill and shed. Atlhough the manufacturer sells it as a "super bulky" yarn, I wouldn´t recommend to knit it so for sweaters and other garments with "friction-hazard".

Here you can see Eskimo knitted on 12 mm needles:
It´s worn only a few times and you can surely notice the shabby look.

On the other hand, the bulkiness of the yarn offers a chance to play with structure in  a "non-friction" garments (scarfs, shawls, cowls, etc.)...:
I hold the yarn doubled.

... or to take the advantage of the softness and a slight shine of the yarn in plain stockinnete:

In my opinion, the best result with Eskimo you get when using needles 5 mm. The fabric is very dense, soft, warm and the yarn has a wonderful stitch definition (Great for cables! And super easy for cabling without a cable needle! :-) ): 

Tip for minimising shedding: Put yarn (or finished garment if you don´t mind possible light shrinking) in a very hot (almost boiling) water. It might sounds crazy (Won´t it totally shrink? Won´t it felt?!), but it really works!  I did it with my winter scarf and I was trully amazed. Of course,  the scarf still sheds a bit, but it is much much better!

  • soft, non-scratching, non-itching.
  • dense, soft and warm fabric with great stitch definition when knitted on 5 mm needles.
  • comes in many colours.
  • sheds and pills.
  • isn´t suitable for knitting garments with friction-hazard on large needles (8 mm and more).


  1. Hi, thanks for your helpfull review!Do you have a recipe for the white scarf? It is so so so beautiful!! :D

  2. Hi, can I ask which colour you used for the cardigan, stocking stitch scarf and cabled piece please?