Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Trousers

That was the fastest knit I´ve ever done: three days from cast on to finishing! Baby K. spents her days lying on her belly on the ground and I was terribly failing to keep her legs and belly warm. Any thermo stockings and velour trousers weren´t enough, so I decided to knit wooly trousers for her. As I needed to finish the garment as soon as possible, my pattern and yarn choice were simple: large needles and chunky yarn definitely! (Otherwise I would knit till now.)

Pattern by DROPS Design.
Yarn: DROPS Eskimo (100% pure new wool).

In my last entry about DROPS Eskimo I warned to knit it on large needles unless you want shabby and pilly garment. Well, I should have listened to myself... (Actually I used Eskimo only because I hadn´t any other chunky weight alternative at home and I needed to finish the trousers very quickly.)

I feel a bit confused about sizing. I knitted with recommended yarn and at recommended gauge size 12-18 months to make a roomy garment. Baby K. is 8 months old, measures cca 70 cm, weights approx. 7.5 kg and the trousers don ´t fit very well. They´re too short on her po stuffed with nappies, which is caused by the pattern construction: front and back pieces are identical.

All in all, I am happy with the result only because it is toasty and keeps her warm. If I knit it again, I will definitely modify the pattern and/or use different yarn.

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