Sunday, January 15, 2012

DROPS Eskimo & Baby Trousers disaster

I gave DROPS Eskimo another chance and knitted baby trousers in it. For some reason I hoped that it would work this time. How silly I was! After two weeks of often, but not everyday wearing the pants looks awful:

Pilly, shabby, ugh...

If it were only my yarn choice (substition for original yarn), I could say nothing. However that´s not the case, Eskimo is recommended by the DROPS manufacturer for the baby trousers pattern. I really don´t know why... Who else should know their yarn better than the manufacturer? I don´t think it´s a good marketing strategy to provide pattern and yarn combination, which doesn´t work. 

And there´s also another possible and simple explanation: Eskimo is a poor quality yarn. I really wanted to like the yarn, I´ve already knitted 6 projects of this yarn trying different gauges, styles and garments. Everything in vain. The only project I like is the Quick Easy-Peasy Scarf, which is very yarn consuming and therefore pricey (for the less than average quality). It seems that Eskimo and me could never be good friends. (Now I´m thinking what to do with the remaining10 balls happily sitting in my stash...)

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