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Let me introduce... Malgorzata Ścigaj

Hello everybody! The interview serie got a pause for a while, but I believe that today´s interview was worth waiting. For the first time I am writing about "one of us": Malgorzata Ścigaj aka Gosik (Ravelry) is neither a designer, yarn-shop owner or blogger. She doesn´t knit for living. Knitting is simply a hobby for her and that´s surely enough to make an interview...

I often come to her Ravelry gallery just to get calm when I feel overwhelmed. I browse through her photos, her notes are brief and useful. I admire her precious work and classy style... sounds too ordinary to you? Not to me! I love that Malgosia has kept knitting as a pleasure, not as a hunt for higher number of knitted metres or FOs. I am not against setting goals and being motivated, but sometimes I feel and see around me that less is more. Malgosia brings me back to the roots of knitting and I am very grateful for that!

Malgorzata Ścigaj aka Gosik,
wearing Street Chic Pullover designed by Asja Janeczek.

1) Why do you knit? Why is knitting important for you? 

There are many reasons why I knit! I knit because it relaxes me, helps take away the stress I have from stressful job and simply because I love doing it! It also lets me watch television without feeling guilty about being idle. I cannot read a books without knitting. And last but not least I enjoy creating, mixing yarns and playing colors. By that means I have an original and unusual garments.

Hat Sand Bank, designed by Justyna Lorkowska.
2) What is your profession? 

I'm a graphic designer.

3) Do you have any knitting rituals? (I mean a place, time, habits... :-) ) 

Rather I haven't any knitting rituals. I can knit everywhere - at home, on the rail travel, into a car (if I don't drive in this moment, of course :)), watching TV, reading the books, in the waiting room at the doctor... I have a special bag that I carry current projects in. I love to take my knitting with me! Of course at home I have my favorite knitting armchair and that is sufficient. When I'm knitting at home, often I'm accompanied by my dog and I love it!

4) How do you organize your knitting tools? I am searching for useful tips and unexpected solutions! :-) 

I like to be sure all my tools are within reach when I'm actually knitting. So I got two special needle cases for my tools: a one for interchangeable needles and the second for circular needles and crochet hooks. This keeps all my needles readily accessible. I bought my cases, but if someone can sew, no problem to do it himself. I have also small plastic boxes from IKEA for my small items (markers, stitch holders, measuring tape, point protectors, row counter, needle view sizer etc.), which makes it very easy to grab them when needed. And I keep my straight needles and DPN needles in a vintage glass vase, but I rarely use them. My original idea is to keep my yarn samples in a business card holder. It looks nicely and you can see right away what you are looking for. 

5) What is your favorite and unpopular yarn/fiber? 

I have sensitive skin and a most of yarns are too itchy for me. Therefore I'm looking for a super soft, smooth and squishy yarns. My favorite fibers are merino and merino blends, especially a merino with a contents of a silk. Such fibers usually have good stitch definition also. It's very important for me, because I pay close attention to the aesthetic of my fabric. Seeing that I like tiny needles (between 2,5 and 3,5 mm), I prefer fingering weight yarns. Some time ago I fall in love with gorgeous yarns, hand dyed by Polish craftslady Marta Wolska. She has an incredibile intuition of the colors. Wonderful shades and best quality! 

Any yarns with a halo are too itchy for my and I don't like it. And my most unpopular yarn is acrylic. I don't like a cotton yarns also. In my opinion cotton is not a yarn, but is a twine ;) For this reason I've only a few knitted summer sweaters in my closet. Even in the spring and summer I'm still knitting merino.

Cardigan Bergen, designed by DROPS design.
6) Let´s have a look at your project gallery! You are a master of fair-isle technique, wow! Your stunning Bergen cardigan is the most favorited project – is it surprising to you or does it deserves the popularity? Do you wear your FOs?

No, I'm not a master! A master wouldn't be afraid of the steeking (like me)! But thank you very much for your kind words, I feel honored. 

Yes, it's surprising for me that so many Ravelers faved my Bergen. In my opinion although this cardi is one of the most beautiful pieces I've knitted ever, but isn't perfect. I would like to improve an aesthetic of the edges along the button bands.

Yes, I wear my FOs very often, especially during cold season, and I get compliments every time I wear them. It is nice, because I like when the people appreciate handicraft.

7) What technique would you like to learn this year?

Definitely steeking!

Svetr Choco Heaven, designed by DROPS design.
8) You don´t write your own knitting blog which means I have only a little information about you. :-) However every time I come across your profile I must remember your very very long hair which you cut off last year. I used to be a member of Czech long hair community for several years ( and I have learnt that such a radical change is usually caused by interesting motifs... what was yours impuls? Have you ever regret cutting your hair?

Well, I don't have own knitting blog and it's my coscious choice. If I begin to write it, I run out of time for knitting :) 

My impuls to cut off was very simple: I wanted to do something crazy! And I managed to :) My hairdresser was shocked! Moreover short hair gives an instant fresh look, I think. I also feel more comfortable with short hair than long. I have never regretted my decision.

9) You come from Poland. Would you recommend one must-see locality every tourist should visit, please? 

I recommend extraordinary land – Kashubia. Beautiful district, which will delight everyone, who loves the nature. It is a great place for tourist trips - wheather you like to walk, ride a bike, paddle in kayak or canoe, ride a horse or during winter try crosscountry skiing on frozen lakes (this region has over 200 lakes). If you like endless forests, colorfull meadows, hills, valleys, clear rivers - it's must see!

10) Who would you like to read the next interview with?

I would like to read the interview with Rililie. I love her designs!

Pullover James, designed by Amy Miler.
Thank you, Malgosia!

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