Sunday, February 1, 2015

Let me introduce... Marzena Krzewińska

Hi everyone! Today, the serie continues with... Marzena Krzewińska (Ravelry, blog, e-shop)! I bet this young Polish girl will catch your interest! Talented starting knitting designer, passionate photographer and the youngest yarn shop owner I have ever known! How did it happen that she started knitting, how can a young student gather funds to start running her own bussiness and what is the most beautiful place in Poland? Have fun reading today´s interview...

Stormwind. Designed by Marzena.

1) Why have you chosen knitting among other handicrafts? 

To be honest, I have never wondered about handicrafts, which one to choose etc. One day, while visiting my boyfriend I sneaked to some extraordinary thing that was lying on the sofa in the living room and belonged to his mother. To my great wonder, I realized it was a sweater, unfinished but beautiful! Instantly, I decided I'd like to do it too. A little embarassed, I asked for lessons, which of course I got. Nothing else grips me so much, nothing else motivates to develop my skills – I tried sewing, a bit of crocheting. But it's just not the same :)

2) What is your profession? 

I started studying maths, but it's currently on hold to focus on the shop.

3) Wow, your own yarn shop, congratulations! How did it happen? Tell us the story behind, please. :-)

Designed by Marzena.
As I wrote in the previous answer, after high school I decided to become a mathematician (but no a teacher:)), but that was before knitting happened. On the third year of my studies, I couldn't talk or think abouty anything besides the shop full of wool. I knew finding lovely skeins and bringing them to Poland was something I wanted to do in my life. I didn't want to be one of those, who do, what they're supposed to do, what should be done, what is safe. No, I wanted my dream to become reality and work with passion and smile on my face. 

We've had very serious discussions with my partner, because, you know, it's difficult to stop studying so abruptly, to throw myself into the deep end, take such responsibility. But together we dealt with all the stresses, formalities and troubles. That's not like there were none. Take gathering the funds for instance. How could a student have so much money to start own business? Luckily, there are many EU projects to help people like – I took part in a contest, passed through a few interviews, talking poor clerks' ear off about wool and sweaters :). Then I just had to wait, which was very stressful, but I made it and wouldn't change it to anything else.

4) Isn´t it lonely job to run the e-shop? Don´t you miss contact with other people? I supposed that most of the work is done virtually per e-mail, skype...?

Per the lonely work, it suits me, I like being at home, I am neither very social, nor very closed person. One day I will open stationary store and the e-mail and phone contact will change to he real one. It will surely be entertaining!

5) How do you choose yarn for your shop? There isn´t any Polish yarn brand in your portfolio, why?

I've got a rule – I sell only the yarns, that are not present in Poland. I'd like the skeins in my shop to be good quality, extraordinary, with noble fibers and in uncommon colors. Something for demanding knitter. I am very sensitive, many yarns itch me, I can't wear. I'm selling only what is soft, unfortunately I haven't seen any polish yarn, that is delicate. I seek for new stock – I have yarns from USA and Canada. And it's not over yet :). Polish knitters deserve hand-dyed wonders from the other side of the ocean!

6) What is your favorite fiber/yarn? I mean yarn which you want to knit with over and over?

Do you know I have no such yarn? I love trying new threads, knitting always a different pattern. But! I recently made a sweater from Leizu Worsted from Julie Asselin, and I feel just like you wrote... I want to knit and knit and knit from it.

About the weight of the yarn, I prefer the fingering ones. I like to knit for a long time and then have a sweater from fine stitches :).

7) How did it happen that you started designing? What are your plans for 2015 in that area?

My first serious project is Inky – I was looking for a dress I'd like. Everything had the same shape, so I decided to make my own, oversize.

In reality, I am not a typical designer. Why? I don't finish one project and immediately start designing the next, it's not my work. It's just a pleasure, without deadlines, without stress. I never start thinking about another garment before I finish what's on my needles.

But when I want to have something specific (what invades my dreams :)), I just do it and write down the pattern – I try to do the best I can, because legible pattern makes knitting a pleasure. When I have no ideas for a design, I just look for something on Ravelry and knit those beautiful things, that are already there.

Currently I'm knitting a sweater, and the vision of it was shaping for a long time in my head. Suddenly it materialized and I knew what to do. That's why I can't tell what my plans are – I just never know what comes to my mind, if ever. If it doesn't – no worries for me.

8) Let´s talk about your project gallery on Ravelry. Which one (or two :-) ) of your FOs do you wear the most often?

Most often I wear the novelties – currently it's (all the time) Merigold and Cold Breath from Joji Locatelli. I also like Light Trails, because it's so casual, everyday, fits for everything. Unfortunately, there are a few I don't wear at all.

9) How do you take photos of your FOs and designs? Do you like that part of your work or is it just must-do?

Light Trails.
 Desingned by Suvi Simola.

Tereza! I love photography, I am an amateur photographer, it was my first passion, it still is, but now (unfortunately), only the photography that's related to knitting interests me. I have no time and no motivation for other kind of pictures... The person in most of my photographs is me, and the guy with the camera is my boyfriend, who has a great talent (but he doesn't want to admit it). I process the pictures on the computer, I love doing it. I'm crazy about it, and I have to do everything on my own – even when shooting I can be unbearable and tell the photographer what to do :).

We always prepare for the shooting. I think for a long time what to wear, how to style my hair, what fits the project and what doesn't. We wonder together with my photographer about the location and style of the pictures. There are always many photographs takes, otherwise there is a chance nothing worthy comes out of it, and it must.

In my opinion, quality pictures of a project are really important. It's a key to the success.

10) You come from Poland. Would you recommend one must-see locality every tourist should visit, please?

I always recommed stormy Baltic in the autumn to everyone. I don't like monuments, I love the nature. And the sea is beautiful :)

Cold Breath.
Designed by Joji Locatelli.
11) And the last question...Who would you like to read the next interview with? 

I love Joji Locatelli! So it must be her... :)

Thank you for your time, Marzi!


  1. Piękne projekty. Pozdrawiam cieplutko i zapraszam do siebie :)