Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back then and now: Winter Scarf

Ravelry page: Winter Scarf.
Finished: November 2007, 8 years ago.
Status: Frogged.
Rating: 3 (1-5 scale).

"The journey was the reward.
I loved knitting the scarf, I was rarely wearing it."

I´ve got many questions concerning this scarf that I decided to make a new blog post on it. It was among my first projects after joining Ravelry in 2007. I was an enthusiastic newbie, I remember that feeling of discovering the whole new world of knitting, everything was soooo exciting! 

I learned a lot, basic stitches and techniques, with every further project I was more and more keen and hooked! I also loved the possibility to share my enthusiasmus and FOS with others, it kept me motivated even more! In that time and euphoric mood I knitted my Winter Scarf. It took me only 4 days to finish, my personal record...and I enjoyed every single stitch. Then it was done, I took the photos and loaded them on my project page hoping that some of you would like it as well as me. 

After one hour, the scarf got over 50 hearts! I was sitting behind my PC, happy and unbelievingly smiling! And it was only beginning... the next day it gained over 200 hearts, it was like an avalange and it kept growing!

You can imagine how happy I was! I didn´t unerstand it at all... I was new on Ravelry, I didn´t have a group of friends, any contacts, I was newbie knitter, my photos were amateurish, taken at home by myself on one cloudy Novemeber day... these are the ingredients for success?! During the time I learned that popularity is unpredictable and rarely fair...which doesn´t mean I was less happy about it.

What makes the scarf great:

Frankly speaking?! For me it is the story behind, the joy during the knitting and I appreciate what I learned (new stitch, treating the yarn, testing Knit Pro Chunky needles). Otherwise the scarf is not for me...however I admit it kept me cozy.

What´s wrong:

  • Colour. I am a true winter and off white doesn´t look good on me.
  • Size and style. I am small-sized, not petit exactly but almost. Chunky scarf looks weird on my body frame, it´s overwhelming. May be if it was my style... but it wasn´t.  If I wrapped it twice around my neck, it looked like a plaster shell, if I let it hang loosely it whirled oddly everywhere. Honestly it looked best worn over dress (as seen on photos) rather than over coat, but that´s rather impractical winter outfit... (Notice that many of those chunky scarfs and cowls are photographed worn with tank top or summer dress or shirt, less often you can see more realistic combination with coat. It simply creates interesting contrast and looks more stylish in my opinion.) Last but not least, it was rather heavy: almost 400 gr is too much for me.
  • Yarn. Although I knitted it double and treated in a hot water, the finished garment still shed a little bit. And I had a black coat at that time, must I say more...? Frogged yarn looks nice, the two strands felted together a little bit which gives it an interesting texture and rustical look... I am planning to make some "home decor" item of it, not sure yet if it will be a pillow or a throw.

Well, does it deserves all 901 hearts (thank you so much!!!!!)? That´s hard to say... Everybody who added this scarf to their favorites had a reason to do so... I just hope they will read this comment to avoid my mistakes.

Thank you for reading!

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