Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back then and now

When I complete a new project, I love it! It´s a brand new thing in my wardrobe, I spent many hours working on it, I dreamed about it and hoped that this would certainly be The Sweater I wouldn´t like to put off... It is my "child" and I am happy even with its flaws and imperfections... such an euphoria I write down my notes on Ravelry project page and create a blog post.

I believe I am not the only one who does it so, which keeps me being very vigilant when reading other´s comments on their projects. I appreaciate beautiful detailed photos and technical information. However there are things you can´t know at the time of finishing a project. 

Only time can show, how it wears, how is the yarn and if it hits all your criteria to become a perfect wardrobe addition.

Therefore I am starting a new rubric on my old FOS. I will try to look at them with unbiased and detached eyes. Ladies, that´s also great occasion to assess a development of your knitting skills, to realize how much you got better in your knitting, to see if you move forward or you make still the same type of projects... I highly recommend, it is really interesting! 

You can read the first post here. It is about my most valued Ravelry project: Winter Scarf. You will get to know if it really deserves those 901 likes...!

Thank you for reading!

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