Monday, April 13, 2015

Let me introduce...Julie Crawford aka Knittedbliss

Hello everyone! I know many Ravelers are multi-talented, but for me she is the queen among them... Julie Crawford aka Knittedbliss (Ravelry, blog)! Fabulous knitter, fledgling knitting designer, mother, charity manager, popular blogger and... succesfull poet! Enjoy toady´s interview, please...

Julie Crawford.

1.Why do you knit? What makes knitting so special for you?

I think knitting elevates my down time, really. I'm not just vegging out in front of the tv, I'm knitting! I got interested in knitting seriously in my late twenties when I was going through a bit of a tough time, and it helped enormously. Plus, I love knits, and most of the store bought ones are acrylic, which is fine and all, but I love softer fibers. I love the infinite variety of patterns and mods you can make, and no matter what your style, you can create something that's just right. I love that about knitting. 

Cotton Candy Boatneck Pullover.
2. What is your profession?

I work full time as the national program manager for the Canadian office of an international charity. I'll leave it at that! ;) 

3. How has Ravelry changed your knitting?

Oh, Ravelry totally changed knitting! I think Ravelry provided such great exposure to the endless creativity of knitters around the world, so it was much easier to get inspired with new ideas, or see beautiful patterns I might not otherwise of heard of. 

4. Do you have friends among other Ravelers? Whose knitting do you like?

I have made lots of friends through Ravelry and my blog, both those that I've never met but yet still feel close; and those that I've become friends with 'in real life'.  

There are so many beautiful and inspiring knitters out there, but I enjoy MillieMilliani's projects for great sweaters, and undone57's projects for inspiring, modern colourwork.

5. What is your favorite yarn/ fiber? I mean yarn you want to knit with over and over?

I don't have a favourite (I don't have a favourite anything, actually!), there are so many amazing yarns out there, and I love trying new ones all the time! It all depends on my mood. It depends on the season, depends on the project. 

Stockholm scarf.
6. Why have you started designing? What are your plans for 2015 in that area?

I started designing because I was asked, actually. Tanis (of Tanis Fiber Arts) asked me to design a pattern for her 2011 Year in Colour Club. I figured I should try my hand at it first, so I designed Stockholm Scarf as a trial run. I certainly learned a lot from that! It was one of the first patterns for a really big cowl, they were just getting popular at the time. I bought a similar one while on vacation in Stockholm in 2010, so decided to design something similar. As for my plans for 2015, I'm keeping it simple- I've got a cardigan design I'm working on, and a cowl that is currently being test knitted... we'll see what happens! I have lots of ideas, but a shortage of time.

7. Let´s look at your project gallery. We all know that photos „sell“. However, they can be very deceptive. What about the most popular FO in your gallery Cotton Candy Boatneck pullover – does it deserves the popularity or is it surprising for you? What is your most favorite FO?

I don't understand why some things gets lots of favourites and others don't. It probably has to do with knitting popular patterns, or being one of the first to knit a pattern, and people love to see other FOs that work from a pattern they are interested in. For example, that sweater that has the most likes on my project page is a nice sweater, but yet my Pemba mittens and headband, a pattern I'm really proud of and I think the photos turned out beautifully, has very few likes. I don't really know why that is! But there are m,illions of users on Ravelry, and then probably almost a billion projects... it's hard to see even 50% of the beautiful things on Ravelry, really. 

Pemba mittens and headband.
I don't have a favourite item that I've knitted, but some have definitely had more wear than others- I wear my Solaria cowls a lot, but that pattern is for serious lace lovers- it's one of the most challenging lace charts. And I love knitting for my daughter, only she's going through a really picky stage and will only wear clothes that have cats on them. 

8. Let´s talk about poetry now. It is known that you are a published poet and a very successful poet! Your poems were published in 2011 collection of Best Canadian Poetry in English, you launched book of your poems Tangled in 2013… What does poetry mean for you? To be honest I feel a little bit puzzled… From reading your blog I got an impression of very rational, purposeful and very well-organized woman, which doesn´t correspond with a cliche of a poet as a totally impractical dreamer… On your blog you are also very open about your knitting and your family, but very silent about your poetry… why?

I don't think I've figured out a way to bring my writing side of me into the blog in a way that makes sense yet, but that doesn't mean I won't in the future. I also find that it's a difficult thing to talk about for the very reason you stated in your question- people have an idea of what a poet is, and I don't really fit that romantic cliche. The funny thing is I know lots of writers and none of them fit into that cliche, everyone has to work hard and stay focused and get stuff done and network, just like a lot of other lines of work. It is something I'd like to do, and hopefully this is the year that I begin to ease into talking about my writing life on the blog, as well- it's been weighing on my mind. Maybe part of me is worried people will think it's boring! After all, so much of it is editing and rewriting; searching for the right combination of words that I feel unlocks something deep inside. 

Solaria cowl.
9. What about knitting in Canada? Is it popular hobby among young people or are you an exception?

I'd say knitting is popular in Canada! We have some very long winters, and sometimes even some chilly summers, so I find I can work a hand knit into my wardrobe or outfit most of the year, really. 

10. Who would you like to read the next interview with?

Hmm, a tough one! I'd probably like to read an interview with Jaala at Knit Circus, I think. 

Thank you for your time, Julie!


  1. I didn't know this designer... Cotton Candy Pullower is a masterpiece!

    1. Julie is really great knitter! Look at her project gallery, it is very inspiring place... Cotton Candy Boatneck Pullover isn´t her design, she "just" heavily modified the original pattern.