Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let me introduce... JETTSHIN

Hello everyone! In a past few weeks I´ve been overwhelmed by upcoming spring... I felt tired, disorganized and my days were one great improvisation. Which could be fine, but not with two kiddos demanding my attention and needing me as a fully concentrated mum. We spent most of the time rushing in a try to catch running time which I had wasted gazing at nothing, thinking of nothing and doing nothing. 

Fortunately it seems that things slowly settles down and today I have a pleasure to introduce another great Raveler... JETTSHIN (Ravelry profile)! If I had to say just one word to characterize her, I wouldn´t hesitate a minute: the Knitter! Regardless a pattern she always makes a garment, which fits, is unique and preciously made. She is blessed with an amazing talent to see and combine colours, to modify a pattern in order to make a one-of-a-kind knitwear. Enjoy reading!

Iconic Nightingale cardigan.
Jettshin used sock pattern and transformed it into a stunning cardigan!

1) Why do you knit? What does it bring to you?

I learned to knit when I couldn't find a hat to go with the Halloween costume I was making for my younger son when he was a baby. He was to be a caterpillar from the book "the very hungry caterpillar". :). I stopped for a few years then picked it back up again when I had to wait for my kids' Tae Kwon Do class. It was portable, killed time, gave me chance to chat up with other moms who were also there waiting and knitting. Now years later, it has become part of my life and gives me comfort and joy. 

Hitofude cardigan, designed by Roko.

2) What is your profession?

I used to be a news photographer shooting pictures for newspaper company, as well as a network administrator. Now I help out my husband's accounting company. My main focus for the last decade has been my two boys, who are now 12 and 14. 

3) Your knitting is very popular among Raveleres, your Nightingale cardigan is even the most favorited FO ever (8865 likes)! It is one of your masterpiece modifications: you used a sock pattern and transformed it into an amazing cardigan, which had to be a very hard job! Have you ever considered writing your own blog? I am sure you would have many devoted readers, including me! :-)

Yes. Last year, I was thinking about it, but it turned out I didn't really enjoy doing so. Writing project note on Ravelry is a big enough job for me! If I were to start publishing my own patterns, then I would probably be more motivated to blog. 

4) As for the Nightingale cardigan, it is a true piece of art! Do you like wearing it?

Haha, that's the funny thing. Many times, what I like to knit and what I like to wear doesn't go together. I don't think I've ever worn it to be honest!! I don't even know where it is. :p

Alecia Beth cardigan, designed
by Justyna Lorkowska.
5) You have an impression collection of knitwear,especially cardigans! Do you really wear all of them?

No. I have so many sweaters that I forget about many of them. Thanks to the comments from Ravelry I get, they remind me of them. :) I wear pullovers more than cardigans but probably have knit more cardigans than pullovers. I also wear zippered cardigans often. 

6) You usually make an excellent modifications of the pattern! Are you interested in designing and writing your own patterns or is it just inspiration which comes through the process of knitting?

I am definitely a process knitter who enjoy a challenge in creating something that fits, is stylish and is functional. An idea may be forming in my head for a while, and when I find a yarn perfect for it, then that's when I start making my own patterns. Math was not my favorite subject back in school, but I do enjoy using it to create a garment that fits now. 

7) How do you organize your knitting tools?

I am messy and it is not organized! I do use a small tool bag made by Three Bags Full (available on Etsy) with cute hedgehog print. :). 

Contiguous Do the Polka sweater,
designed by Jettshin.

8) What is your favorite and unpopular yarn/fiber?

My favorite fiber is merino/cashmere blend that doesn't pill. My favorite dyer at the moment is The Plucky Knitter. They have wide range of bases and colors and their customer service is exceptional. I love almost all fibers but I cannot wear alpaca as they are too itchy for me. Royal or baby alpaca blend seems to be fine though. I think there is a right fiber for different projects so all are welcome in my book. I am always on a look out for summer blend that I like. I wear sweaters all year long so I really want to find 50/50 merino/silk, merino/cotton or merino/linen that I like for the summer! 

9) In previous interviews I mentioned that knitting in Czech has rather low social status and is weighted by prejudices– I would like to compare the situation in different countries. How is the situation in the USA? Is it popular hobby there?

As a relatively new knitter who has started knitting after Ravelry was born, I really can't speak personally how it has changed from a decade or more ago. But thanks to Raverly, it has regained popularity and I love how we are so connected via knitting worldwide. I have Raverly "friends" from literally all over the world! I think that is amazing. 

10) Who would you like to read the next interview with?

Would love to read a interview with one of my favorite designer, yellowcosmo. She has been my inspiration for a long time. :)
Gyoen-October sweater, designed by Jettshin.

Thank you for your time, Jettshin!

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  1. Very enjoyable interview. I looked at her designes some time ago and I was stunned. Amazing knitting talent!